A Design That Goes Viral

A Design That Goes Viral

Red Bull “AluBottle Launch”

At the beginning of 2017, Red Bull was quietly making plans to introduce a new product – AluBottle – to Hong Kong. When it comes to advertising, Red Bull follows neither the traditional nor the conventional. This time, it set its mind on a sweeping victory on social media. Behind the scene, our creative team was working day and night (with the aid of Red Bull, of course) to engineer a package that would woo the media and KOLs.


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Red Bull "Spin The Bottle"
Red Bull "Spin The Bottle"



Who does not get curious receiving an unknown parcel? Red Bull had to deliver the new product to the target audience by mail, and our creative team wanted them to unwrap it in anticipation. The ordinary-looking carton box and the brilliant surprise that lay inside created a striking contrast, making social media sharing an irresistible temptation.



Red Bull "Spin The Bottle"Red Bull "Spin The Bottle"Red Bull "Spin The Bottle"




People had known Red Bull in aluminum cans by heart. To break the fixed notion, we created a relief with a vacuum packaging, highlighting the shape of the AluBottle and the newness. After opening the carton box, the recipients had to remove a layer of aluminum foil to finally reveal the shapely bottle.

The special design aside, the package came with a stack of cards for the familiar game Spin the Bottle that incorporates idiosyncratically Hong Kong elements. What our creative team came up with was not merely a design; it was a designated brand experience.


Red Bull "Spin The Bottle"Red Bull "Spin The Bottle"Red Bull "Spin The Bottle"





Further emboldening the maverick brand image and the Hong Kong connection, our creative team captured the AluBottle in motion against the backdrop of the intimate cityscape and shared the video across the brands social media platforms.






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