Uncommon Brand Promotional Video

Uncommon Brand Promotional Video

Godiva“A Touch Of Love”

During Chinese New Year and Valentines Day in 2017, Godiva Chocolatier installed fingerprint scanners at some of its stores to help customers to find the perfect chocolate with a personal touch. The mission for us was two-fold: to promote the campaign, and to convey the brand message. Our solution was a series of promotional videos, with a touching twist.


Godiva Chocolatier



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Godiva "A Touch Of Love"Godiva "A Touch Of Love"



Whats the link between fingerprints and chocolate, one might wonder. No so much on the surface. But if you take a deeper look at the brand and the two festivals like we did, you would find one.

Both Chinese New Year and Valentines Day are festive occasions defined by human relationships. Families, friends and lovers are motivating factors for buying chocolate. And voila! Thats the link between the brand and touch.

Now that we had built the connection, our creative team focused on the content and presentation of the videos. With the target audience in mind, a laidback chit-chat TV show became the blueprint of the promotional videos.

Centered on relationships, the videos follow a couple, their children and their friends. The fingerprint scanner comes into play to show their personalities and dynamics. Rather than forcing the chocolate products into the screen, they appear naturally as gifts presented by the characters to one another, letting the story do the explanation as to what the brand means to the various relationships.



Godiva "A Touch Of Love"Godiva "A Touch Of Love"



To ensure the promotional videos appeal to the target audience, our creative team not only considered the casts background and image but also popularity on social media. In line with the campaign theme A touch of love, we selected a likable host who is no stranger to the Hong Kong audience. Through her chit-chat with the guests and the fingerprint analysis, each video felt as rich in content as a half-hour TV show.

Here, our creative team took a leap of faith. These days, most online promotional videos are no longer than three minutes. Our promotional videos are each 12-minute long – one even lasting 21 minutes.

In the four-week campaign period, we created multi-faceted themes, product highlights and videos for the brands Facebook page to sustain publicity. We also carefully planned and managed the brands advertisements on Facebook. Despite the tight budget, the videos were watched over 600,000 times – a proof that if what you show is interesting enough, people will take the time to watch it.



Godiva "A Touch Of Love"
Godiva "A Touch Of Love"Godiva "A Touch Of Love"
Godiva "A Touch Of Love"



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